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Get to know me

Welcome to my therapy blog! Here, I share stories and articles to help others relate and learn from them. My main focus is on personal development, exploring new aspects of oneself, and improving our connections with significant others. As the creator of this blog, I believe that sharing our experiences can help us grow and heal. So join me on this journey of self-discovery and let's learn together.



I am a Licensed Psychologist, actress and a trainee Dramatherapist. I have been working with individuals but also with groups. I studied Phycology and Dramatherapy in Greece but i continued my trainings abroad because i want to explore different therapeutic approaches.
In the last years of my professional practice i have been working into the therapeutic fields of relationships, social anxiety, depression, anorexia and trauma.
My main fields of research and studying, while working with patients through symbolization, stories, projection, role playing and other dramatherapy techniques, were psychodynamic theories and especially Carl Jung’s work. My last clinical training was on Trauma and Behavioural therapy (CBT) in Jerusalem at the Hebrew university and Metiv Psychotrauma Center. I also have a great interest in working with Mindfulness.

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